Sustainablility is an important focus point for the Hubrecht Institute. Both in our work as an academic institute as in our role as (inter)national employer, we have a leading role in society – our choices have an impact.

We use green energy for the entire institute and the new laboratory building is using heat and cold storage as source of geothermal energy. We also try to make as many green choices as possible in respect of the suppliers. As from 2015 the support services frequently took initiatives to increase the sustainability of several processes: new and better freezers, less energy consuming computers, disposable caging material for the animals, external processing of biological waste, reducing paper by digitizing employee files, adding light sensors, separate waste, use energy-reduced washing machines, reuse coffee cups, reduce air pressure and update the use of air cleaning systems.

In 2016, the institute reduced about 2,4 million kg CO2 which is an equivalent of 120.000 trees.