Credit: Sahtoe group. Copyright: Hubrecht Institute.

Sahtoe: Protein structure, mechanism and design

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The Sahtoe group designs novel protein molecules to uncover the structural and mechanistic basis of life.

Life on earth is for a large part enabled by proteins. These molecules control processes ranging from metabolism to gene regulation and often form tightly regulated complexes that harbor catalytic and/or allosteric activity. Such sophisticated complexes can harvest light, eliminate pathogens or repair DNA damage. The Sahtoe lab aims to design novel protein systems that exhibit such sophisticated functions from the ground up. This allows us to understand the molecular basis of natural protein function, and enables us to design novel protein systems with functionalities that are not observed in nature and can be used for biomedical and biotechnological applications.

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Design of amyloidogenic peptide traps

Sahtoe DD, Andrzejewska EA, [...] Knowles TPJ, Baker D.



Reconfigurable asymmetric protein assemblies through implicit negative design

Sahtoe DD, Praetorius F [...] Bera AK and Baker D



Transferrin receptor targeting by de novo sheet extension

Sahtoe DD, Coscia A [...] Abraham J and Baker D

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


BAP1/ASXL1 recruitment and activation for H2A Deubiquitination

Sahtoe DD, Dijk WJ, van, Ekkebus R, Ovaa H and Sixma TK

Nature Communications


Molecular Cell


Layers of DUB regulation

Sahtoe DD and Sixma TK

Trends in Biochemical Sciences


Group leader

Danny Sahtoe

Danny Sahtoe joined the Hubrecht Institute as a group leader in 2023, after doing a PhD in structural biology and a postdoc in computational protein design. His group designs novel protein systems for biomedical and biotechnological use, and to elucidate the mechanistic basis of life in health and disease. The Sahtoe group uses computational methods for protein design, high throughput experimental screening and a range of biophysical techniques to characterize protein systems.

Scientific Training and Positions

2023- Group leader at the Hubrecht Institute
2023 Junior Oncode Investigator
2016-2022 Postdoctoral scholar in the group of Prof. David Baker, Institute for Protein Design, University of Washington
2009-2015 PhD thesis in the group of Prof. Titia Sixma, Netherlands Cancer Institute


2015 EMBO long term fellowship
2015 Washington Research Foundation Innovation fellowship

Group members

Danny Sahtoe

Group Leader

Larissa Baan


Bastiaan de Potter

PhD Student

Greta Ghirardo

PhD Student

Serj Koshian

PhD Student

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