Friends of the Hubrecht Institute

The Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute aims to support research at the Hubrecht Institute in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation does this by raising funds for research but also by organizing events to raise awareness for the Hubrecht Institute.

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Who are we?

The Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute is led by dr. Paul Bouter (director of external relations of the Hubrecht Institute), supported by Oscar Natan.

The Friends, the board and the (young) ambassadors are essential for the foundation.

Next to being director of external relations of the Hubrecht Institute, Paul Bouter is also doctor of internal medicine at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch. “I am really happy to be director of the Friends since 10 years. In daily life, I work as a doctor. I see many patients and love to tell them about the science and the discoveries performed at the Hubrecht Institute. This gives my patients hope; the Hubrecht Institute makes me a better doctor”

Board and Ambassadors

An essential part of the Friends are the board, the ambassadors and the Young Ambassadors. This group of enthusiastic people use their knowledge, network and passion to make the Friends an ever better foundation than it already is.

Guided tours for sponsors

The Friends Foundation also organizes tours for sponsors. Is your company or association interested in sponsoring ground-breaking science? As a token of appreciation we could organise a tour for you. During our tours there will be lectures by principal investigators, visiting a real lab and having a drink with our scientists.