Postdoc Bioinformatician

The group of Dr. Jop kind currently has a vacancy for a Postdoc Bioinformatician¬†full time (38 hours/week) To work on Single-cell epigenetics and nuclear architecture Description of the project: The group of Jop Kind is pioneering single-cell epigenetics. A recent publication (Kind Cell 2015) uses single-cell DamID to map the interactions between DNA and the nuclear lamina. The projects currently running in the lab extend on this technique, in order to uncover the regulation of gene expression and other molecular…


PhD student (The regulation and function of polyploidy)

The group of Prof. dr. Rik Korswagen/ Dr. Matilde Galli currently has a vacancy for a PhD student full time (38 hours/week) to work on:¬†The regulation and function of polyploidy Description of the project: Over the course of evolution, organisms have developed variations in their cell cycle programs to be able to generate and maintain a plethora of different cell types and tissues. Our group studies how such cell cycle variations are established during the development of a multicellular organism,…

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  • Postdoc Bioinformatician

    Jop Kind
  • Technician

    Wouter de Laat
  • PhD student (The regulation and function of polyploidy)

    Rik Korswagen / Matilde Galli