Hubrecht Talent Program

Scientific excellence through diversity

The Hubrecht Institute has recently established the Hubrecht Talent Program (HTP) with the goal to support underrepresented groups of students within the Netherlands in pursuing a career in scientific research. Students with a migration background from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America or Turkey are invited to apply. The HTP is specifically aimed at BSc students with an interest in pursuing a MSc in molecular life sciences.

Through this program, we are encouraging talented and enthusiastic 3rd year bachelor students in the life sciences to get involved in different fields of research, gain hands-on experience and explore their scientific interests. An important aspect of the HTP is extensive guidance and mentoring by both Hubrecht Institute PhD students and professors to help them navigate their BSc studies, identify exciting internship opportunities and help them with applications for (competitive) MSc programs. Students can also learn about life as a scientist and what’s needed to be successful in a career in science. As a part of the BSc HTP, students can explore multiple research groups at the Hubrecht Institute and choose their favorite group for their BSc research internship. Finally, HTP BSc students will be eligible to apply for the MSc HTP, which will start in 2023-2024 and will provide further support and mentoring to students during their MSc program and for their transition to a job after their MSc. With this initiative the Hubrecht Institute aims to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in academia, which we believe will improve the quality of science within our institute and in The Netherlands as a whole.

Program benefits

  • Extensive mentoring. HTP fellows will each receive two mentors, a PhD student from the Hubrecht Institute and one of the Hubrecht Institute group leaders, each of which can provide unique help and support based on their position and experience.
  • Networking. Several networking opportunities will be available to meet and interact with talented peers.
  • An internship at the Hubrecht Institute. HTP fellows are offered an internship position at the lab of their interest. Uniquely, HTP fellows will be able to ‘try out’ 3 labs and pick the lab that is the best fit for them.
  • Travel reimbursement. For commuting during their BSc internship at the Hubrecht Institute.
  • Support in applying to (competitive) MSc programs in the Netherlands. Application training with experts will be organized and mentors will help by providing feedback on the application package (like motivation letters, etc).
  • A recommendation letter. HTP fellows will receive a recommendation letter from the director of the Hubrecht Institute, which will help them obtain future positions.
  • Eligibility for applying to the MSc HTP. The MSc HTP will start in the 2023-2024 academic year and will provide many exciting opportunities. BSc HTP fellows will be automatically eligible to apply for the MSc HTP.

Who can apply?
The HTP is open for candidates that fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Are enrolled in one of the following Bachelor’s programs:
    • Biomedische Wetenschappen (UVA),
    • Biomedical Sciences (VU),
    • Biomedische Wetenschappen (Universiteit Leiden),
    • Biomedische Wetenschappen (Universiteit Utrecht),
    • Biologie (Universiteit Utrecht),
    • Molecular and biophysical life sciences (University Utrecht),
    • Nanobiology (TU Delft/Erasmus MC)
  • Will start the 3rd year of their BSc studies in the fall of 2023.
  • Have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit (type II or IV).
  • Were born in one of the following countries/continents: Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America or Turkey, or for whom at least one of the parents was born in one of these countries.

The eligibility criteria for the HTP concerning nationality and country of origin are in agreement with the guidelines of the NWO Mosaic 2.0 Program.

How to apply?
Candidates that are interested in applying for the HTP are kindly requested to contact us by e-mail at to receive more information and/or the application form. The following will be required for application:

  • CV
  • Motivation questionnaire (the form will be provided by us)
  • Official transcript of BSc grades.
  • One reference letter (the template will be provided by us) written by the program coordinator, study advisor or professor who has closely worked with the candidate. Note: please get in touch if you are unable to secure a reference letter.

When to apply?
Applications will be accepted from May 1st until September 11th 2023. Selection of candidates will happen in two phases. During the first phase selection will occur based on the documents submitted by the applicants. A subset of applicants will then be selected for the second phase, an informal interview at the Hubrecht Institute.