20 June

SingelSwim Utrecht for research on muscle disease FSHD

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The fifth edition of the Utrecht SingelSwim took place on Sunday the 16th of June. The SingelSwim is centered around muscle disease FSHD. During the SingelSwim, he participatns swim 1.2 or 2 km in the canals of Utrecht to raise money for Foundation FSHD, for more research into the muscle disease. As in previous years, the Hubrecht Institute participated with a team of swimmers.

The muscle disease FSHD is one of the research topics of the group of Niels Geijsen. He also took part in the SingelSwim, together with a team of Hubrecht Institute researchers (Mitchell van der Krogt, Joe Verity Legg en Jorik Bot) and sponsored by the Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute. With his research group, Niels Geijsen investigates new possibilities to halt the deterioration of skeletal muscle, which happens in FSHD patients. To this end, he uses advanced new techniques to change the genetic code of muscle cells.


Comedian Ronald Snijders and mayor of Utrecht Jan van Zanen, who also participated in the SingleSwim, started the race for the approximately 150 swimmers. All swimmers in Team Hubrecht made it to the finish line. After the event, mayor van Zanen was happy to take a picture together with the members of Team Hubrecht.

Domien Verschuuren, DJ at the Dutch radio station Q-music, also participated. Oscar Natan, of the Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute, talked to him about the SingelSwim. “You should not underestimate the 2km, I’m glad I could train for it. Participating was a fantastic experience, together with the other enthusiastic participants that commit their time and efforts for more research into FSHD”. Domien also wants to wish all the researchers at the Hubrecht Institute good luck in their efforts to investigate FSHD and other diseases.

This year, the SingelSwim raised 56.623 euros for more research into muscle disease FSHD.



Niels Geijsen is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute and professor of Regenerative Medicine at Utrecht University.


The Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute supports the research at the Hubrecht Institute. They raise money for research and organize events to gain more awareness.