14 July

Two Veni-grants
for the Hubrecht Institute

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Two scientists from the Hubrecht Institute have been awarded a prestigious Veni-grant: Devanjali Dutta (Clevers group) and Suzan Ruijtenberg (Tanenbaum Group). The Veni-grants are awarded to promising young scientists to further develop their own research plans for three years. Of the 1056 applicants only 158 scientist were awarded the grant this year. 


Devanjali Dutta


Devanjali Dutta (Clevers group)

Dissecting the complex interplay between the human host and gut microbiome in 3D organoid culture systems

Diseases in our gastrointestinal tract are influenced by the presence of intestinal flora. Using cultured tissues, so-called ‘mini-guts’ or organoids, I want to examine how their fluctuations affect the immune system and chronic inflammation. Examined will be how the gut flora affects the development of cancer through direct effects on tissue homeostasis.


Suzan jan 2016 02


Suzan Ruijtenberg (Tanenbaum group)

Visualization of protein synthesis in living cells
The protein levels in a cell, determine how a cell functions. These levels should therefore be strictly regulated because even the smallest difference can have large consequences. The researchers will visualize protein synthesis in living human cells for the first time in order to understand the mechanisms that regulate protein synthesis.