Weekend of Science 2022

During the Weekend of Science, the Hubrecht Institute, Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht (RMCU) and the Westerdijk Institute join hands: together they organize ‘Into the deep!’ on Sunday October 2nd. On this day, the doors open at Uppsalalaan 8 in Utrecht for everyone who is interested in science. Do experiments yourself, listen to stories about research and learn about DNA, miniature organs, fungi and 3D printing of cells in the laboratory. You will also get to know the scientists of the three organizations. What is it like to be a scientist? And what does a day-in-the-life of a scientist look like? Find out on October 2nd!


Below, you will find a short overview of all the experiments, games, lectures and other activities you can participate in on that day. All activities can be visited throughout the day, you don’t have to register in advance.

  • With a microscope
    Discover what zebrafish, worms and mini-organs look like under a microscope!
  • Color vision
    Grass is green and the sea is blue. But how can you see those colors? Our researchers show you how your retina works through fun games.
  • Make a necklace or keychain with your own DNA
    The color of your eyes, how tall you are and the size of your feet. All these qualities are determined by your DNA. Curious what that DNA looks like? Come and make a necklace or keychain with your own DNA in it. We challenge you to do your own experiment like a real scientist!
  • What do you look like as a scientist?
    Have your picture taken as a scientist and stick the photo in your Hubrecht passport!
  • A day as a scientist
    Meet our researchers here and find out what they actually do all day. Think about which experiments you would like to do, discuss your ideas with the scientists and ask them all your questions!
  • Learn about different types of research
    Throughout the day, various scientists give mini lectures about what kind of research they do. Get a glimpse of their life in the lab and ask them anything you want to know!
  • A tiny world on your fingertip
    Everyone washes their hands after going to the toilet. But what does that actually do to the bacteria on your hands? And is that a good thing? Learn all about it here!
  • Crafts- and coloring corner
    Have fun with a coloring page of a microscope or a cell, or make your own 3D bracelet!


Practical information

On October 2nd, you are welcome at Uppsalalaan 8 (3584 CT, Utrecht) from 11:00 until 16:00. The building is located at the Utrecht Science Park, which can easily be reached by public transport. You can travel by bus to P+R Science Park. If you come by car, you can park at P+R Science Park. From the P+R, you can walk to the entrance of the building in five minutes.

Activities at Utrecht Science Park

Other organizations at the Utrecht Science Park will also organize Weekend of Science activities on October 2nd. At the Princess Máxima Center, you can learn more about the research into childhood cancer (registration is required). Furthermore, Utrecht University organizes activities about various topics such as dinosaurs and law cases. For an overview of all activities, please visit the website of the Weekend of Science (in Dutch).