Kind: Chromatin organization

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The Kind group studies the regulation of gene expression in single cells by developing and using novel microscopy and genomics based techniques.

The genomic era as greatly advanced our understanding of cellular processes and disease mechanisms. Yet, our knowledge about the regulation of the genome is generally based on datasets derived from large cell populations that provide an ensemble average interpretation of the biological system and disregard existing cell-to-cell heterogeneity.

To uncover molecular processes in individual cells and to understand the full complexity of biological systems, our lab applies and develops novel microscopy and genomics based techniques to study the regulation of gene-expression in single cells. We have developed a tool to image genome architecture in living cells and, more recently, a method to profile DNA-protein interactions at high resolution in single cells. With these techniques at our disposal, we aim to elucidate the role of genome architecture and chromatin context in regulating the temporal and spatial control of gene expression in development and disease.