20 February

NWO Vici grant for Eva van Rooij

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Eva van Rooij has received a Vici grant from the NWO, the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research. This grant of 1,5 million euros will enable her to develop an innovative line of research and expand her research group in the coming five years.

Genetic heart diseases
Eva van Rooij is professor Molecular cardiology and a scientific researcher at the Hubrecht Institute. “Genetic heart diseases are caused by a mistake in your DNA and are characterised by several disease driving changes in the heart that contribute to the progression of the disease. To date very little is known about the exact mechanisms that drive these changes. The goal is to discover what causes these pathological changes to occur to potentially contribute to the development of enhanced therapies.”

Vici grant
The Vici grant from the NWO targets highly experienced researchers who have successfully demonstrated the ability to develop their own innovative lines of research, and to act as coaches for young researchers. The grant provides them with the opportunity to set up their own research group. In total 36 leading scientists will receive a Vici grant.