22 August 2022

Marvin Tanenbaum appointed professor at TU Delft

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Marvin Tanenbaum, group leader at the Hubrecht Institute, has been appointed professor of Gene expression dynamics at the Department of Bionanoscience at TU Delft per July 5th 2022.

The Tanenbaum group uses cutting-edge live-cell single molecule microscopy and new types of genetic engineering to uncover the molecular mechanisms of gene expression control in individual cells. Their research focuses both on regulation of human genes in health and disease and on gene regulation of RNA viruses. Using our single-molecule approaches, they aim to uncover how the dynamics and heterogeneity in gene expression affects cell fate. In addition, they are developing new imaging technologies to visualize gene expression dynamics with ever increasing resolution to achieve a deep molecular understanding of these processes.

Tanenbaum explains: “Our work lies at the interface of biology and biophysics, and the appointment at the Department of Bionanoscience provides exciting new opportunities to strengthen the biophysics side of our work, due to the world-class biophysics, nanofabrication and theory groups at the department. We are also excited to bring our cell biology expertise to the Department of Bionanoscience, which will hopefully lead to many fruitful new collaborations”.

Picture Marvin Tanenbaum



Marvin Tanenbaum is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute, professor of Gene Expression Dynamics at TU Delft and Oncode Investigator.