13 April

KWF grant for Catherine Robin

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The group of Catherine Robin receives a KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) grant to study mutations in the GATA2 gene, which frequently occur in childhood leukemia.

Mistakes in the DNA (mutations) are an important factor in the development of leukemia in children. Mutations in the gene GATA2 occur frequently. Many of those lead to leukemia, but the presentation of the disease, treatment success, relapse and life expectancy vary strongly between different mutations. Nevertheless, all children with a GATA2 mutation get the same cancer treatment.

The group of Catherine Robin investigates the most frequent GATA2 mutations that lead to leukemia. Her goal is to find out how these can influence the presentation of the disease and the effect of treatment. This knowledge will provide an important step towards treatments that are specifically aimed at certain GATA2 mutations.



Catherine Robin is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute and is also appointed at the University Medical Center Utrecht.