3 November

KNAW signs Hubrecht – Oncode agreement

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As from today, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has started an affiliation with Oncode Institute, an independent Dutch organization dedicated to fundamental cancer research. Six research groups from the Hubrecht Institute are involved in the cooperation.

The official start of the affiliation took place on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at the seat of the KNAW, the ‘Trippenhuis’ building in Amsterdam. There, Mieke Zaanen, general director of the KNAW, and on behalf of Oncode, Ton Rijnders, general director and Angus Livingstone, valorization director, signed an affiliation agreement.

From left to right: Angus Livingstone (Oncode), Mieke Zaanen (KNAW) and Ton Rijnders (Oncode) sign the agreement.

Oncode Institute
Oncode is a new, independent institute, uniting scientists in fundamental oncological research under the title ‘outsmarting cancer, impacting lives’. The institute invests a large part of their resources in translation of fundamental research to the clinic, as well as in valorization. Oncode harbors more than five hundred Dutch researchers employed at one of Oncode’s partner institutes: five UMCs, the Hubrecht Institute, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and Radboud University.

The signing of the agreement between Oncode and the Hubrecht Institute marks the start of a partnership, of which Mieke Zaanen is proud already. ‘With this project that is unique in the Netherlands, we take care of our researchers and we are looking towards the future. Oncode sets an important example for other projects.’

About the Hubrecht Institute
The Hubrecht Institute is a research institute focussed on developmental and stem cell biology. It encompasses 19 research groups that perform fundamental and multidisciplinary research, both in healthy systems and disease models. The Hubrecht Institute is affiliated with the University Medical Center Utrecht, which advances the translation to the clinic. The Hubrecht Institute is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). For more information, visit www.hubrecht.eu.

About the KNAW
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is the forum, conscience, and voice of the arts and sciences in the Netherlands. It promotes quality in science and scholarship and strives to ensure that Dutch scholars and scientists contribute to cultural, social and economic progress. As a research organisation, the Academy is responsible for a group of fifteen outstanding national research institutes.