13 July 2022

Hubrecht spin-off Cergentis acquired by Solvias

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Cergentis, a spin-off company from the De Laat group, has been acquired by Solvias.

Cergentis is a leading provider of genetic quality control solutions, based on its proprietary Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology platform. They support research institutes and pharma companies in the characterization and quality control of genetically engineered models, biopharmaceutical cell line development, and cell and gene therapy products. Cergentis aims to support biopharmaceutical medicine development programs worldwide.

On 12 July 2022 Solvias, one of the world’s leading independent pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing companies, announced that it has acquired Cergentis. The acquisition bolsters Solivas’ platform of biologics and cell and gene therapy (CGT) testing solutions.

The Wouter de Laat research group at the Hubrecht Institute studies the shape and functioning of our genome in health and disease. To investigate genome folding, they develop and apply proximity ligation methods. Recognizing the broader potential of new variants of these methods, the co-founders started Cergentis, a spin-off biotech company with a focus on genomics, in 2012.

Read the full press release here.