20 January 2017

Dekkergrant for heart repair research

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The Hartstichting awarded € 230.000,- to Monika Gladka-de Vries van de van Rooij groep for her research about repairing heart cell damage after a stroke. The aim is to find mechanisms inside the heart cells that make them able to repair themselves after a stroke. There are already very rare cells inside the heart that are capable of repairing heart tissue. Monika Gladka-de Vries is mainly interested in the fact that these rare cells use very little oxygen compared to normall cells. The gene that is responsible for their survival during low oxygen levels might also protect other heart cells in case they get less oxygen during a stroke. Finally she hopes the gene could be stimulated with medication to protect other cells and improve their capacity to repair after a stroke.

The Dekkerbeurs is a special grant for young and talented scientists in the field of heart and coronary research.