7 December

CS&D Best Publication Award for Carlo Vermeulen

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Each year, the graduate school Cancer, Stem cells and Developmental biology (CS&D) gives an award to the PhD student with the best publication of that year. Today, the award was given to Carlo Vermeulen from the group of Wouter de Laat for his two very different first author publications.


One is entitled “Sensitive monogenic noninvasive prenatal diagnosis by targeted haplotyping” (published in the American Journal of Human Genetics). Here, Carlo Vermeulen and colleagues introduce a new method that enables couples at risk of a child with a severe monogenic disease to receive prenatal diagnosis through a simple blood test (see also a previous news item).

The other publication “Enhancer hubs and loop collisions identified from single-allele topologies” appeared in Nature Genetics. In this paper Vermeulen and colleagues present a new method to study multi-way DNA interactions, which they use to show how regulatory sequences physically compete and cooperate for contact with genes to control their expression (see also a previous news item).

Carlo was a PhD student in the De Laat group until the 17th of April this year, when he successfully defended his thesis, and he stayed in the group as a post-doc to finish some projects he was still working on.

Wouter de Laat is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute, professor of Biomedical Genomics at the University Medical Center Utrecht and Oncode Investigator.