Presently, the Hubrecht Institute supports 20 research groups with a total of about 250 employees. The research groups operate in an independent manner and scientific quality is guaranteed by yearly internal evaluations and by site visit committees every 6 years. In addition to a highly interactive and international scientific environment, excellent research facilities are available on-site.

The Hubrecht Institute is a highly dynamic, diverse and young institute with around 30 as the average age of researchers with more than 30 different nationalities. The institute aims to grow to 25 groups in the coming years.

The board of directors, consisting of Prof. Alexander van Oudenaarden (director), Prof. Jeroen den Hertog (deputy director research) and Dr. Mariëtte Oosterwegel (managing director), maintains a flat organizational structure with tenure track positions for junior group leaders. This has been a successful model in which the group leader has full scientific freedom. The Hubrecht Institute provides an infrastructure that embeds the group in an efficient facility support so that group leaders can focus on the research.

The institute’s specific strategy can be summarized in 10 points:

  • International recruiting based on scientific excellence
  • Scientific freedom and responsibility for group leaders
  • Tenure track system for juniors with international evaluation
  • Collaboration with the best groups in the field
  • Stimulate internal and local collaborations
  • Stimulate multidisciplinary research
  • Provide state-of-the-art research infrastructure
  • Provide high quality services
  • Enhance critical mass by fund raising and donations
  • Reach out to society