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Research groups

Jeroen Bakkers

Bakkers group
Cardiac development and genetics

Menno Creyghton

Creyghton group

Eelco de Koning

de Koning group
Diabetes and islet neogenesis

Jeroen den Hertog

den Hertog group
Protein-tyrosine phosphatases in development

Geijsen group
Pluripotent stem cells in development and disease

Kind group
Spatiotemporal regulation of genomic function

Rik Korswagen

Korswagen group
Mechanism of Wnt signaling in the nematode C. elegans

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Robin group
Hematopoiesis and stem cells during embryonic development

van Oudenaarden group
Systems biology of development & stem cells

van Rooij group
Molecular cardiology                             

Research groups

Hans Clevers

Clevers group
Lgr5 stem cells, Wnt signaling & cancer

Menno Creyghton

Cuppen group
Genome biology

Wouter de Laat

de Laat group
Biomedical genomics

Jacqueline Deschamps

Deschamps group
Genetics of morphogenesis during axial elongation in the mouse embryo

Daniele Guardavaccaro

Guardavaccaro group
Ubiquitin ligases and cancer

Knipscheer group
Molecular mechanism and regulation of DNA repair  

Catherine Rabouille

Rabouille group
Regulation of secretion during development  

Stefan Schulte-Merker

Schulte-Merker group
Genetic analysis of vertebrate organogenesis

Jacco van Rheenen

van Rheenen group
Cancer biophysics