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Jeroen Bakkers received his PhD in 2000 from Leiden University, The Netherlands. During this time he was introduced in the zebrafish system and used it to study the role of glycosyltransferases during early vertebrate development. He continued his work on zebrafish development as a postdoc in the lab of Matthias Hammerschmidt at the Max-Planck Institute for Immunbiology in Freiburg, Germany. Here he started his work on Bmp and Wnt signaling during zebrafish gastrulation and isolated p63 (a member of the p53 tumor suppressor family) as a direct target of Bmp signalling. In 2003 he was appointed at the Hubrecht Institute initially as a junior staff member and in 2008 as a senior staff member and initiated here his work on heart development using zebrafish. In 2008 he was awarded a VIDI career grant from the Dutch science organization NWO and in 2015 he was appointed as Professor of Molecular Cardiogenetics at the UMC Utrecht.

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In Februari 2015 Jeroen Bakkers has been appointed professor in Molecular Cardiogenetics at the University Medical Center. His inauguration took place Februari 3, 2016 in the Utrecht University Hall.



Unlike humans, zebrafish are able to completely repair their heart after injury, for example a myocardial infarction-like event. But how is the fish able to regenerate this injury and, more specifically, what are the initial factors are that push heart muscle cells to start dividing again in order to replace the lost tissue.

To address this question, we developed a new method in the Bakkers group called tomo-seq. Applied to the regenerating heart, it allows us to obtain whole-genome expression data coupled with spatial resolution. This means, that we are able to find out which genes are expressed in which region along the axis injury area – borderzone – uninjured/remote myocardium. To achieve this, the injured heart is sectioned across one axis and every single section is barcoded before RNA-sequencing. This allows tracing back transcripts to the section (and thus position in the tissue) from which they originated in order to identify genes that are upregulated in a specific region of the tissue.

Focusing on the borderzone, which is known to house the majority of proliferating heart muscle cells, we found that bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signalling is upregulated. BMP signaling has not been described to be involved in fish heart regeneration so far, and further experiments showed that knock-down of BMP resulted in fewer proliferating heart muscle cells. On the other hand, when BMP signalling was experimentally upregulated, more heart muscle cells started to divide, in turn increasing the regenerative potential.

In summary, we showed that spatially restricted gene expression can be identified with the tomo-seq method and that this can lead to the discovery of novel pathways involved in driving the regenerative process, like BMP signalling. Once we fully understand how regeneration occurs in the fish heart, we might be able to extrapolate these findings to humans in order to treat heart disease.Paper_FKruse

Spatially Resolved Genome-wide Transcriptional Profiling Identifies BMP Signaling as Essential Regulator of Zebrafish Cardiomyocyte Regeneration, Kruse, F*, Wu, C-C*,…Bakkers, J., Developmental Cell, 2016.      *these authors contributed equally



Bakkers: Cardiac Development and Genetics

Wide ranges of cardiac diseases are caused by genetic alterations, which affect normal cardiac development or function. The Bakkers' lab uses the zebrafish model to identify genes and mechanisms that regulate normal heart development, function and regeneration. In addition to better understand the genetics of cardiac diseases we study the effects of patient specific genetic variations in zebrafish. The projects in the lab use a wide range of approaches including reverse- and forward genetics, cell biology, mathematics and bioinformatics.

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Key publications

All publications can be found on research gate.

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All publications

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