Research groups

  • Bakkers


    Cardiac Development and Genetics

  • Clevers


    Lgr5 stem cells, Wnt signaling & cancer

  • Rabouille


    Regulation of secretion during development

  • Geijsen


    Pluripotent stem cells in development and disease

  • de Koning

    de Koning

    Diabetes and islet neogenesis

  • Tanenbaum


    Single cell dynamics of gene expression.

  • de Laat

    de Laat

    Biomedical genomics

  • Robin


    Hematopoiesis and stem cells during embryonic development

  • Guardavaccaro


    Ubiquitin-dependent degradation in signaling, development and disease

  • van Rheenen

    van Rheenen

    Cancer biophysics

  • Deschamps


    Genetics of morphogenesis during axial elongation in the mouse embryo

  • van Oudenaarden

    van Oudenaarden

    Quantitative biology of development & stem cells

  • Creyghton



  • Kops


    Molecular mechanisms and evolution of cell division

  • van Rooij

    van Rooij

    Molecular Cardiology

  • den Hertog

    den Hertog

    Protein-tyrosine phosphatases in development

  • Kind


    Spatiotemporal regulation of genomic function

  • Knipscheer


    Molecular mechanism and regulation of DNA repair

  • Korswagen


    Mechanism of Wnt signaling in development and disease

The Hubrecht Institute is an indispensable pioneer in stem cell research

- Philip Bos (Young Ambassador)

With the efforts of the Hubrecht Institute there might be hope for patients to find a cure in the future

- Louise van Galen (Young Ambassador)

As a Young Ambassador, I want to introduce as many people as possible to this great institute

- Constantijn Jonker (Young Ambassador)

It is encouraging to know that the scientists of the Hubrecht Institute continue to break new ground in the understanding of 'la condition humaine'

- Jan Karel van der Staay (Ambassador)

World-class researchers of the Hubrecht deliver a fundamental and sometimes revolutionary contribution to fight diseases such as cancer and diabetes

- Wopke Hoekstra (Ambassador)

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