The Hubrecht Institute is performing cutting-edge research in the field of developmental and stem cell biology in order to contribute to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of for example cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and genetic diseases.

Weekend of Science

The Hubrecht Institute will be open in the weekend of October 6/7 2018 to show you the most recent finding in stem cell research. Do you want to be fishing for genes, exploring cells, tinkering with DNA, working with worms or are you curious about the cause of cancer? Please come and visit us! We are happy to welcome you at the Hubrecht Institute for a lab tour, discussions with PhD students or postdocs, a TED talk by one of our principal investigators or to do some small experiments yourself.

The Weekend of Science is a national event, organized yearly by science museum NEMO and the ministry of Education, Culture & Science (OCW) on the first weekend of October. The exact program will be published in the summer via NEMOkennislink.

iGEM competition

We are very excited to support a team of bachelor students that will go to the iGEM competition in Boston this summer. iGEM is a competition in synthetic biology, in which students are challenged to design, built and test a new product. Last year, team Utrecht won a gold medal at the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston with the development of a DNA detection kit for disease diagnosis.

Read about top research and about the collaboration between researchers in this special issue of Utrecht Life Sciences and have a look at what we are doing by watching mini-movies in this virtual lab tour through the Hubrecht Institute.


Masterclass U-Talent

January 2018, the Hubrecht Institute hosted 32 pupils for a one-day master class on organoids: ‘Growing Organs in the Lab’. Participants of the U-Talent program could get acquainted with all aspects of scientific research – from working with organoids in the lab to discussing the ethical consequences of this technology as a diagnosis tool.

Breaking Science 

Four reseachers of the Hubrecht Institute participated in this year’s Breaking Science competition. They presented their work in just 3 minutes and competed with other PhD students and postdocs from Utrecht.