de Koning: Diabetes and Beta Cell Regeneration

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The De Koning group studies human pancreatic islets and the generation of insulin producing cells from other cell sources for future treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Replacement therapy with insulin producing beta cells is a feasible option to achieve normal glucose levels in patients with type 1 diabetes. For beta-cell replacement therapy, a donor pancreas must be used, but this can only be performed in a small subgroup of patients due to a lack of donor organs. Therefore, new cell sources for the unlimited generation of insulin producing cells need to be identified.


Group leader

Eelco de Koning

Eelco de Koning is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute and at the Leiden University Medical Center, and professor of Diabetology at Leiden University. His group studies the Islets of Langerhans containing the insulin producing cells that play a key role in diabetes mellitus. Their long-term goal is to generate insulin producing cells from alternative cell sources for novel cell replacement therapy in diabetes mellitus. To this end, the De Koning group uses culture techniques, intravital microscopy, single-cell transcriptome analysis and animal models to better understand the cell types in the pancreatic islets.

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Group members

Eelco de Koning

Principal Investigator

Tim Dielen


Peggy Karanatsiou


Gitanjali Dharmadhikari


Antonio lo Nigro


Juri Juksar

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Alexandra-Eleni Giovou


Liamm Wilson