Bioinformatician (Postdoc/PhD) full time

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The group of Dr. Jop kind currently has a vacancy for a

Bioinformatician (Postdoc/PhD) full time (38 hours/week)

“Linking epigenetic states to cellular fates with single-cell epigenomics”.

Description of the project:

The aim of the lab is to understand the principles governing cellular decision-making. We are interested in how cells acquire new identities and traits in lineage specification events in mice and in cancer. To this end we employ and continuously develop novel single-cell technologies to delineate these processes with high sensitivity and accuracy.

The major aim of this project is to understand the rules that govern gene-expression control in lineage decisions during early embryogenesis. To this end, we plan to apply scDam&T (Rooijers et al., Nature Biotechnology, 2019) to determine combined single-cell genome-wide epigenetic states and transcriptomes of cells on route towards gastrulation. We apply this technique to profile spatial genome organization (Lamina-Associated-Domains) and important histone PTMs (unpublished work) at various stages of development in mice, fish and in gastruloids. With this approach we expect to obtain detailed insight into the contribution and the epigenetic mechanisms underlying lineage specification in early development. Based on these results, we also plan to further test the contribution of certain factors by directed depletions in gastruloid cultures.

A second part of the project will entail the development of a novel single-cell method (ongoing) with the aim to profile multiple protein-DNA interactions in the same single cell. These highly complex data sets will allow assessing the effect of combinatorial events on gene-expression outcomes in single cells.

Our lab consists of experimental (“wet-lab”) and computational (“dry-lab”) researchers. Because we apply and develop single-cell methods, we generate large complex single-cell datasets that require clever and innovative new computational approaches. We are therefore looking to expand our team with a proactive, creative and enthusiastic postdoc or PhD student with a background in bioinformatics.


* experience in deep-sequencing (next generation sequencing)

* a good grasp of at least one data analysis language: R, Python, Perl

* analytical skills to support genome-wide studies

* a good understanding of molecular- and cell-biology


* experience with techniques to map protein-DNA interactions (e.g. ChIPseq, DamIDseq)

* experience with high-performance computing clusters (e.g. Sun Grid Engine)

Duration: One year with an extension after positive evaluation.

Salary: According to “CAO-Nederlandse Universiteiten” (CAO-NU), depending on experience, excluding 8% holiday allowance and an 8.3% year-end bonus. We offer an extensive package of fringe benefits.

Starting date: As soon as possible.

Location: Utrecht Science Park, De Uithof.

Information: For additional information please contact Dr. Jop Kind: or visit the website

Interested? Please send your application including curriculum vitae and contact details of two potential references, before November 22nd, 2019 to, stating vacancy HUBR-2019-12 in the subject line.


Any acquisition further to this advertisement will not be appreciated.





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