3 April

Hubrecht researchers participate in Breaking Science

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Four researchers of the Hubrecht Institute (KNAW) participate in Breaking Science, a pitch competition for scientists, organized by Utrecht University. In three minutes, young scientists explain their research to the public in Café Hofman on April 9, 10 and 16 and are judged by a senior scientist and a science journalist. The best two of each evening compete in the final at April 23.

This is the third time Utrecht University organizes Breaking Science. In three rounds, 21 scientists explain their subject or scientific concept in a pitch to a broad audience and a jury consisting of a senior scientist and a science journalist. They judge the pitches in terms of content, clarity and charisma.

On behalf of the Hubrecht Institute, four researchers compete in this annual pitch competition. All participants received a professional pitch competition which they can put into practice. Erik Schild (Korswagen group) and Lotte van Rijnberk (Galli group) thought the training was ‘pretty intense’, because it has its root in the theatre and is aimed at improving the form of presenting. A relief, thinks Schild: ‘This training was more of an answer to the effect of my words and entertaining the audience. During my studies, we didn’t have time for that. However, at a congress with 300 talks, you’re not going to make it with the best data only.’ Grégory Lacraz (van Rooij group) agrees: ‘Scientists are biased towards the content. We don’t focus on the style.’ He is sure to use the knowledge of the training during the rest of his scientific career. That applies to Zhihan Zhao (Geijsen group) too. She liked the training because it improved her English fluency. ‘As a scientist, you also should have the skill to let people know what you are working on.’

At a congress with 300 talks, you’re not going to make it with the best data only.

In the final at April 23, the best two researchers from each qualifying round compete for the prize: 1500 euro for a congress or summer school of choice.

Come join us and encourage our scientists! The qualifying rounds are April 9, 10 and 16, 20.00-22.00, in Café Hofman, Utrecht City Center. There is no need for registering and entrance is free.

Round 1
April 9, 20:00-22:00, Café Hofman, Utrecht
Roxanne Gal – Julius Center, UMC Utrecht
Erik Schild – Hubrecht Institute
Merel Nap – Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital
Philip Minderhoud – Utrecht University, Future Deltas
Marlou Slot – Utrecht University, Debye Institute
Lotte van Rijnberk – Hubrecht Institute
Carlijn van den Bommen – Utrecht University, Developmental Psychology

Round 2
April 10 , 20:00-22:00, Café Hofman, Utrecht
Wimala van Iersel – Utrecht University, Geosciences
Karlijn van Rooijen – UMC Utrecht
Zerrin Yumak – Utrecht University, Informatics
Sophie Slaats – Utrecht University
Jelle Vlaanderen – Utrecht University, Veterinary Medicine
Reini van der Welle – UMC Utrecht
Dom Weinberg – Utrecht University, Social Sciences
Joske Ubels – UMC Utrecht, Bioinformatics

Round 3
April 16, 20:00-22:00, Café Hofman, Utrecht
Iris Otto – UMC Utrecht, Regenerative Medicine
Benjamin Kant – UMC Utrecht
Sophie Kurk – UMC Utrecht
Grègory Lacraz – Hubrecht Institute
Abhinandan Devaprasad – UMC Utrecht
Annelies Kers – Utrecht University, Veterinary Medicine
Zhihan Zhao – Hubrecht Institute