Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Committed to meet all of the flow cytometry needs for the Hubrecht Institute and the external research community, the Flow Cytometry Core facility offers state of the art instrumentation for routine flow cytometry and cell sorting. ItĀ is continuously expanding with the newest software and machinery for both sort and analysis capabilities of up to 18 fluorescent parameters.

Our Services
The Flow Cytometry Core facility is available to:

  • answer technical questions
  • assist you in setting up flow cytometry experiments
  • assist you with acquiring, analyzing and interpreting your data
  • assist in data presentation and data storage
  • provide trainingĀ on the two benchtop analyzers and on analysis software

Contact Information

Facilities and Equipment

Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorters

  • Becton Dickinson SORP FACSAria
  • Becton Dickinson SORP FACSAria FUSION
  • Becton Dickinson SORP FACSJazz

Flow Cytometry Analyzers

  • Becton Dickinson FACSCanto
  • Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur
  • Miltenyi AutoMACS Magnetic Separator