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van Oudenaarden group

Quantitative biology of development & stem cells

The van Oudenaarden lab is using a combination of experimental, computational, and theoretical approaches to quantitatively understand decision‐making in single cells with a focus on questions in developmental and stem cell biology. We are particularly interested in how cells use gene networks to make robust decisions even in the presence of significant fluctuations in gene expression.

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Key publications
(5 recent)

D. Grun, A. Lyubimova, L. Kester, K. Wiebrands, O. Basak, N. Sasaki, H. Clevers, and A. van Oudenaarden
Single-cell mRNA sequencing reveals rare intestinal cell types
Nature doi:10.1038/nature14966 (2015).

J. M. Schmiedel, S. L. Klemm, Y. Zheng, A. Sahay, N. Blüthgen, D. S. Marks and A. van Oudenaarden
MicroRNA control of protein expression noise
Science 348, 128 – 132 (2015).

S. S. Dey, L. Kester, B. Spanjaard, M. Bienko, and A. van Oudenaarden
Integrated genome and transcriptome sequencing of the same cell
Nature Biotechnology 33, 285 – 289 (2015).

J. P. Junker, E. S. Noel, V. Guryev, K. A. Peterson, G. Shah, J. Huisken, A. P. McMahon, E. Berezikov, J. Bakkers, and A. van Oudenaarden
Genome-wide RNA tomography in the zebrafish embryo
Cell 159, 662 – 675 (2014).

N. Ji, T. C. Middelkoop, R. A. Mentink, M. C. Betist, S. Tonegawa, D. Mooijman, H. C. Korswagen, and A. van Oudenaarden
Feedback control of gene expression variability in the Caenorhabditis elegans Wnt pathway
Cell 155, 869 – 880 (2013).

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