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MacInnes group

Pereboom T, van Weele L, Bondt A, MacInnes A. (2011)  A zebrafish model of dyskeratosis congenita reveals hematopoetic stem cell formation failure due to ribosomal protein-mediated p53 stabilization. Blood (in press).

Wesseling S, Essers P, Koeners M, Pereboom T, Braam B, Faaseen E, MacInnnes A, Joles, J. (2011) Perinatal exogenous nitric oxide in fawn-hooded hypertensive rats reduces renal ribosome biogenesis in early life. Frontiers in Genetics (in press).

Paridaen J, Janson E, Utami K, Pereboom T, Essers P, van Rooijen C, Zivkovic D, MacInnes A. (2011) The nucleolar GTP-binding proteins Gnl2 and nucleostemin are required for retinal neurogenesis in developing zebrafish. Dev. Biol.15;286-301.

MacInnes, A
, Amsterdam, A, Lees, J, Hopkins, N. Cancer: The Outlaw Cell, 3rd edition. Chapter on Zebrafish Models of Cancer (in press).

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