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Korswagen group

Mentink, R.A., Middelkoop, T.C., Rella, L., Ji, N., van Oudenaarden, A., and Korswagen, H.C. (2014) Cell intrinsic modulation of Wnt signaling controls neuroblast migration in C. elegans. Dev Cell 31: 188-201.

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Book chapters
Korswagen, H.C. and Plasterk, R.H.A. (2001) Heterotrimeric G proteins. Encyclopedia of Genetics. Academic Press.

Korswagen, H.C. and Clevers, H.C. (2000) Activation and repression of Wingless/Wnt target genes by the TCF/LEF-1 family of transcription factors. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Vol. LXIV:141-147

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