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Luteijn MJ and Ketting RF (2013)
PIWI-interacting RNAs: from generation to transgenerational epigenetics.
Nature Reviews Genetics, 14(8):523-34

Kaaij LJ, van de Wetering M, Fang F, Decato B, Molaro A, van de Werken HJ, van Es JH, Schuijers J, de Wit E, de Laat W, Hannon GJ, Clevers HC, Smith AD, Ketting RF (2013)
DNA methylation dynamics during intestinal stem cell differentiation reveals enhancers driving gene expression in the villus.
Genome Biol. 2013 May 28;14(5):R50.

Basten SG, Davis EE, Gillis AJM, van Rooijen E, Stoop H, Babala N, Logister I, Heath ZG, Jonges TN, Katsanis N, Voest EE, van Eeden FJ, Medema RH, Ketting RF, Schulte-Merker S, Looijenga LHJ, Giles RH (2013)
Mutations in LRRC50 Predispose Zebrafish and Humans to Seminomas
PLoS Genetics 2013 9(4): e1003384. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1003384

Kaaij LJ, Hoogstrate SW, Berezikov E, Ketting RF (2013)
piRNA dynamics in divergent zebrafish strains reveals long-lasting maternal influence on zygotic piRNA profiles.
RNA. 19(3):345-56. doi: 10.1261/rna.036400.112.

Luteijn MJ, van Bergeijk P, Kaaij LJ, Almeida MV, Roovers EF, Berezikov E, Ketting RF (2012)
Extremely stable Piwi-induced gene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans
EMBO J. 31(16): 3422-30
Kamminga LM, van Wolfswinkel JC, Luteijn MJ, Kaaij LJT, Bagijn MP, Sapetschnig A, Miska EA, Berezikov E, Ketting RF (2012)
Differential impact of the HEN1 homolog HENN-1 on 21U and 26G RNAs in the germline of Caenorhabditis elegans.
PLoS Genetics 8(7):e1002702
Huang H, Houwing S, Kaaij LJT, Meppeling A, Redl S, Gauci S, Vos H, Draper BW, Moens C, Burgering BM, Ladurner P, Krijgsveld J, Berezikov E, Ketting RF (2011)
Tdrd1 acts as a molecular scaffold for Piwi proteins and piRNA targets in zebrafish.
EMBO J. 30(16):3298-308

Kamminga L.M., Ketting R.F. (2011)
RNAi genes pave their own way.
Genes Dev. 25(6): 529-33

Ketting R.F. (2011)
The Many Faces of RNAi (Review)
Dev.Cell 20(2): 148-61

Kamminga L.M., Luteijn M.J., den Broeder M.J., Redl S., Kaaij L.J., Roovers E.F., Ladurner P., Berezikov E., Ketting R.F. (2010)
Hen1 is required for oocyte development and piRNA stability in zebrafish.
EMBO J. 29(21): 3688-700

van Wolfswinkel J.C., Ketting R.F. (2010)
The role of small non-coding RNAs in genome stability and chromatin organisation.
J. Cell Sci. 123(pt 11); 1825-39 (Review)

Corrêa R.L., Steiner F.A., Berezikov E., Ketting R.F. (2010)
MicroRNA-Directed siRNA biogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.
PLoS Genetics 6(4):e1000903

Kaaij L.J., Ketting R.F. (2010)
Dcr1 tracked down.
Dev.Cell 18(1): 6-7 (Preview)

den Broeder M.J., van der Linde H., Brouwer J.R., Oostra B.A., Willemsen R., Ketting R.F. (2009)
Generation and characterization of FMR1 knockout zebrafish.
PLoS One 4(11):e7910

van Wolfswinkel J.C., Claycomb J.M., Batista J., Mello C.C., Berezikov E., Ketting R.F. (2009)
CDE-1 affects chromosome segregation through uridylation of CSR-1-bound siRNAs.
Cell 139(1):135-148  

Claycomb J.M., Batista P.J., Pang K.M., Gu W., Vasale J., van Wolfswinkel J.C., Chaves D.A., Shirayama M., Mitani S., Ketting R.F., Conte Jr. D., Mello C.C. (2009)
The argonaute CSR-1 and its 22G-RNA cofactors are required for holocentric chromosome segregation.
Cell 139(1):123-134

Ketting R.F. (2009)
Semiconserved regulation of mesendoderm differentiation by microRNAs.
Dev.Cell 16(4):487-8 (Preview)

Steiner F.A., Okihara, K.L., Hoogstrate S.W., Sijen T., Ketting R.F. (2009)
RDE-1 slicer activity is required only for passenger-strand cleavage during RNAi in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 16(2):207-11

Houwing S., Berezikov E., Ketting R.F. (2008)
Zili is required for germ cell differentiation and meiosis in zebrafish
EMBO J. 27(20):2702-11

Das P.P., Bagijn M.P., Goldstein L.D., Woolford J.R., Lehrbach N.J., Sapetschnig A., Buhecha H.R., Gilchrist M.J., Howe K..L, Stark R., Matthews N., Berezikov E., Ketting R.F., Tavaré S., Miska E.A. (2008)
Piwi and piRNAs Act Upstream of an Endogenous siRNA Pathway to Suppress Tc3 Transposon Mobility in the Caenorhabditis elegans Germline.
Mol.Cell 31(1):79-90.

Ketting, R.F. (2007)
A Dead End for MicroRNAs
Cell 131(7):1266-7 (Preview)

Steiner, F.A., Hoogstrate, S.W., Okihara, K.L., Thijssen, K.L., Ketting, R.F., Plasterk, R.H.A., Sijen, T. (2007)
Structural features of small RNA precursors determine Argonaute loading in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 14(10):927-33. Epub 2007 Sep23

Kloosterman, W.P., Lagendijk, A.K., Ketting, R.F., Moulton, J.D. and Plasterk, R.H.A. (2007)
Targeted inhibition of miRNA maturation with morpholinos reveals a role for mir-375 in pancreatic islet development.
PLoS Biology 5(8): e203

Houwing, S., Kamminga, L.M., Berezikov, E., Cronembold, D., Girard, A., van den Elst, H., Filippov, D.V., Blaser, H., Raz, E., Moens, C.B., Plasterk, R.H.A., Hannon, G.J., Draper, B.W., Ketting, R.F. (2007)
A role for Piwi and piRNAs in germ cell maintenance and transposon silencing in Zebrafish.
Cell 129:69-82

Tops, B.B., Plasterk, R.H.A. and Ketting, R.F. (2006)
C. elegans Argonaute proteins ALG-1 and ALG-2; almost identical yet different.
Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 71: 189-94

Ketting, R.F. (2006)
Partners in Dicing.
Genome Biol. 7: 210 (Commentary)

Tops, B.B.J., Tabara, H., Sijen, T., Simmer, F., Mello, C.C., Plasterk, R.H.A. and Ketting, R.F. (2005).
RDE-2 interacts with MUT-7 to mediate RNA interference in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Nucleic Acids Res. 33: 347-55 .

Kloosterman, W.P., Wienholds, E., Ketting, R.F. and Plasterk, R.H.A. (2004).
Substrate requirements for let-7 function in the developing zebrafish embryo.
Nucleic Acids Res. 32: 6284-91.

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Processing of primary microRNAs by the Microprocessor complex.
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What's new about RNAi?
EMBO Rep. 5: 762-5. (Meeting report)

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A micrococcal nuclease homologue in RNAi effector complexes.
Nature 425: 411-4.

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In: RNAi, a guide to gene silencing Ed: G.J. Hannon. CSHL press.
Krijgsveld, J., Ketting, R.F., Mahmoudi, T., Johansen, J., Artal-Sanz, M., Verrijzer, C.P., Plasterk, R.H. and Heck, A.J. (2003).
Metabolic labeling of C. elegans and D. melanogaster for quantitative proteomics.
Nat. Biotechnol. 21: 927-31.

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RNA helicase MUT-14-dependent gene silencing triggered in C. elegans by short antisense RNAs.
Science 295: 694-7.

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The genetics of RNA silencing.
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Dicer functions in RNA interference and in synthesis of small RNA involved in developmental timing in C. elegans.
Genes Dev. 15: 2654-9.

Ketting, R.F. and Plasterk, R.H. (2000).
A genetic link between co-suppression and RNA interference in C. elegans.
Nature 404: 296-8.

Motley, A.M., Hettema, E.H., Ketting, R.F., Plasterk, R.H. and Tabak, H.F. (2000).
Caenorhabditis elegans has a single pathway to target matrix proteins to peroxisomes.
EMBO Rep. 1: 40-6.

Plasterk, R.H. and Ketting, R.F. (2000).
The silence of the genes.
Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 10: 562-7. (Review)

Ketting, R.F., Haverkamp, T.H., van Luenen, H.G. and Plasterk, R.H. (1999).
MUT-7 of C. elegans , required for transposon silencing and RNA interference, is a homolog of Werner syndrome helicase and RNaseD.
Cell 99: 133-41.

Ketting, R.F., Fischer, S.E. and Plasterk, R.H. (1997).
Target choice determinants of the Tc1 transposon of Caenorhabditis elegans.
Nucleic Acids Research
25: 4041-7.

van Pouderoyen, G., Ketting, R.F., Perrakis, A., Plasterk, R.H. and Sixma, T.K. (1997).
Crystal structure of the specific DNA-binding domain of Tc3 transposase of C.elegans in complex with transposon DNA.
EMBO J. 16: 6044-54.

Bang, D.D., Ketting, R., de Ruijter, M., Brandsma, J.A., Verhage, R.A., van de Putte, P. and Brouwer, J. (1996)
Cloning of Schizosaccharomyces pombe rph16+, a gene homologous to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RAD16 gene.
Mutat. Res. 364: 57-71.

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