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Ketting group

Group members

Current lab members:

Leonie Kamminga (Postdoc; VENI fellow)

Nadine Wittkopp (Postdoc; EMBO fellow)

Hsin-Yi Huang (PhD student)

Lucas Kaaij (PhD student)

Maartje Luteijn (PhD student)

Anisa Kasaruho (PhD student)

Petra van Bergeijk (PhD student)

Bruno Albuquerque (PhD student)

Marjo den Broeder (Lab assistant)

Suzanne Hoogstrate (Technician)

Alumni (present position):

Josien van Wolfswinkel (Postdoc at the Whitehead Institute in Boston, Peter Reddien)

Florian Steiner (postdoc at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Steven Henikoff)

Saskia Houwing (postdoc at Skirball Institute, Ruth Lehmann)

Régis Lopes-Corrêa (, Dept. of Genetics, Federal University of  Rio de Janeiro)

Recent MSc students (2009-2010):

Elke Roovers (finished)
Amanda Meppelink (finished)
Jan Zylicz (finished)

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