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Geijsen group

Pluripotent stem cells in development and disease

Pluripotent stem cells can divide almost indefinitely and have the unique ability to give rise to every cell type in our body. For this reason, they are the most versatile source of stem cells for (drug) research and transplantation therapy.

The Geijsen group is developing novel stem cell-based methods to study human development and disease and to develop assays for drug-screening, pathway identification and toxicology assessments.

About the research

Key publications

Chen, H-H, Welling, MA, Bloch-DB, Munoz-J, Mientjes-E, Chen-X, Tramp-J, Wu-J, Yabuuchi-A, Chou-YF, Buecker-C, Krainer-A, Willemsen-R and Geijsen-N Dazl limits pluripotency, differentiation and apoptosis in developing primordial germ cells Stem Cell Reports 2014 In press. 

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