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Jacqueline Deschamps

Jacqueline Deschamps obtained her PhD in yeast genetics at the University of Brussels. After a postdoctoral stay in Brussels she did a second postdoc in the laboratory of Inder Verma at the Salk Institute in San Diego, California, studying the transcriptional regulation of the mouse c-fos proto-oncogene. She was then recruited by the Hubrecht Institute where she obtained a group leader position. After working on the regulation of the Hox genes in mouse EC and ES cells, she set up the transgenic facility in 1990 and analyzed the regulation and the function of Hox and related genes using gain and loss of function approaches. She recently uncovered a novel involvement of Hox and Cdx genes in embryonic tissue generation, in addition to the long recognized role of these genes in the acquisition of positional identity. Her group studies embryonic morphogenesis through the characterization of tissue progenitors and their niche in wild type and mutant mouse embryos, and by mapping the interactions between key transcription factors and their genomic targets during embryogenesis.

Research support:
- NIRM (Netherlands Institute of Regeneration Medicine)

Other activities:
- President of the DSDB (Dutch Society for Developmental Biology)
- Member of the editorial board of Developmental Biology
- Member of Faculty of 1000
- Peer- reviewer of manuscripts in the field of developmental biology (for several journals)
-Teaching: Master courses in the Netherlends and abroad

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Jacqueline Deschamps, PhD
Hubrecht Institute
Uppsalalaan 8
3584 CT  Utrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)30 212 19 35
F +31 (0)30 251 64 64