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de Laat group

Biomedical genomics

The architecture of DNA in the interior of the living cell nucleus is an emerging key contributor to genomic function. Aim of our research is to understand how genome structure influences genome function. We use and develop novel genomics approaches such as 4C technology to identify long-range DNA interactions, study gene regulation within and between mammalian chromosomes and uncover the proteins that dictate the shape of our genome. Besides transcription we study the impact of nuclear architecture on genomic rearrangements. Furthermore, we develop novel strategies to identify and map chromosomal aberrations.

About the research

Key publications
Noordermeer D#, de Wit E#, Klous P#, van de Werken H, Simonis M, Lopez-Jones M, Eussen B, de Klein A, Singer RH, de Laat W. (2011). Variegated gene expression caused by cell-specific long-range DNA interactions. Nat Cell Biol, in press.# equal contributions

Splinter E, de Wit E, Nora EP, Klous P, van de Werken HJG, Zhu Y, Kaaij LJT, van Ijcken W, Gribnau J, Heard E, de Laat W. (2011). The inactive X chromosome adopts a unique three-dimensional conformation that is dependent on Xist RNA. Genes Dev, in press.

Simonis M, Klous P, Homminga I, Galjaard RJ, Rijkers EJ, Grosveld F, Meijerink JP, de Laat W. (2009) High-resolution identification of balanced and complex chromosomal rearrangements by 4C technology. Nat Methods. 6:837-42.

Simonis, M., Klous, P., Splinter, E., Moshkin, Y., Willemsen, R., de Wit, E., van Steensel, B., de Laat, W. (2006) Nuclear organization of active and inactive chromatin domains uncovered by chromosome conformation capture-on-chip (4C). Nat. Genet. 38: 1348-1354.
Tolhuis, B., Palstra, R.-J., Splinter, E., Grosveld, F., de Laat, W. (2002) Looping and interaction between hypersensitive sites in the active beta-globin locus. Mol. Cell 10: 1453-1465.

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