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Vermunt, M.W., Reinink, P., Korving J., de Bruijn, E., Creyghton, P.M., Basak, O., Geeven, G., Toonen, P.W., Lansu, N., Meunier, C., Heesch, S., Netherlands Brain Bank; Clevers, H., de Laat, W., Cuppen, E. and Creyghton M.P.. Large scale identification of co-regulated enhancer networks in the adult human brain. 2014 Cell Rep. (In Press)

Kanski, R., Sneeboer, M., van Bodegraven, E., Sluijs, J.A., Kropff, W.W., Vermunt, M.W., Creyghton, M.P., De Filippis, L., Vescovi, A., Aronica, E., van Tijn, P., van Strien, M and Hol, E. Histone acethylation in astrocytes supresses GFAP and stimulates a re-organization of the intermediate filament network. 2014 J. Cell Sci. (in press)

Welstead G.G., Creyghton, M.P., Bilodeau S., Cheng A.W., Markoulaki S., Young R.A., Jaenisch R. X-linked H3K27me3 demethylase Utx is required for embryonic development in a sex-specific manner. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2012 Aug 7; 109(32):13004-9.

Carey B.W., Markoulaki S., Hanna, J., Faddah D.A., Buganim Y, Kim J, Ganz K, Steine E.J., Cassady J.P., Creyghton, M.P., Welstead G.G., Gao Q, Jaenisch R. Reprogramming factor stoichiometry influences the epigenetic state and biological properties of induced pluripotent stem cells. Cell Stem Cell. 2011 Dec 2; 9(6):588-98.

Creyghton, M.P., Cheng, A., Welstead, G.G., Kooistra, T., Carey, B.W., Steine, E.J., Hanna, J., Lodato, M.A., Frampton ,G.M., Sharp, P.A., Boyer, L.A., Young, R.A., Jaenisch, R. (2010) Histone H3K27ac seperates active from poised enhancers and predicts developmental state. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 107: 21931-21936.

Hanna, J., Saha, K., Pando, B., van Zon, B., Lengner, C.J., Creyghton, M.P., van Oudenaarden, A., Jaenisch, R. (2009) Direct reprogramming is a stochastic process amenable to acceleration. Nature 462: 595-601.

Creyghton, M.P., Markoulaki, S., Levine, S., Hanna, J., Lodato, M.A., Sha, K., Young, R.A., Jaenisch, R., Boyer, L.A. (2008) H2AZ if enriched at polycomb complex target genes in ES cells and is necessary for lineage commitment. Cell 135: 649-661.

Hanna, J., Markoulaki, S., Schorderet, P., Carey, B.W., Beard, C., Wernig, M., Creyghton, M.P., Steine, E.J., Cassady, J.P., Foreman, R., Lengner, C.J., Dausman, J.A., Jaenisch, R. (2008) Direct reprogramming of terminally differentiated mature B lymphocytes to pluripotency. Cell 133: 250-264.

Eichhorn, P.J., Creyghton, M.P., Wilhelmsen, K., van Dam H., Bernards, R. (2007) A RNA interference screen identifies the Protein Phosphatase 2A subunit PR55gamma as a stress-sensitive inhibitor of c-SRC.  PloS Genet.  3: e218.

Creyghton, M.P., Roël, G., Eichhorn, P.J., Vredeveld, L.C., Destrée, O., Bernards, R.  (2006) PR130 is a modulator of the Wnt-signaling cascade that counters repression of the antagonist  Naked cuticle.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.. 103: 5397-5402.
Creyghton, M.P., Roël, G., Eichhorn, P.J., Hijmans, E.M., Maurer, I., Destrée, O., Bernards, R.  (2005) PR72, a novel regulator of Wnt signaling is required for Naked cuticle function.  Genes Dev. 19: 376-386.

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