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Menno Creyghton

Menno Creyghton received his PhD in 2006 at the University of Utrecht for his work at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in the laboratory of Prof. Rene Bernards where he worked on functional genetic screens to identify genes in cancer relevant pathways using RNAi. He received a fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Society and joined the lab of Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch at the Whitehead institute for biomedical research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA) where he studied the process of reprogramming adult cells to a stem cell like fate. He expanded these interests to gain insight into the massive epigenetic changes that occur on the genome during cell fate determination using large scale epigenomic profiling. In 2011 he started his laboratory at the Hubrecht Institute where he continues to study the epigenetic regulation of the genome during development and disease.

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Menno Creyghton
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Menno Creyghton PhD
Hubrecht Institute
Uppsalalaan 8
3584 CT  Utrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)30 212 18 00
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