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Lgr5 stem cells, Wnt signaling & cancer

Originally focused on T lymphocyte transcription factors, we cloned Tcf1 in 1991. With the discovery that Tcf factors are the final effectors of Wnt signaling, we changed our interests to the biology of Wnt signaling in intestinal self-renewal and cancer.  We identified a series of adult tissue stem cells with the novel Lgr5 marker and technologies for long-term culture of these stem cells as epithelial organoids, currently our major focus of research.  For a more detailed overview, click here.

About the research

Fast Facts: Gut feeling and science from Fast Facts on Vimeo.

Key publications
(5 recent)
Drost, J, van Jaarsveld, R.H., Ponsioen, B., Zimberlin, C., van Boxtel, R., Buijs, A.,Sachs, N., Overmeer, R.M., Offerhaus, G.J., Begthel, H. Korving, J., van de Wetering, M., Schwank, G. Logtenberg, M., Cuppen, E., Snippert, H.J., Medema, J.P., Kops, G. J. P. L., Clevers, H. Sequential cancer mutations in cultured human intestinal stem cells. Nature (in press)

van de Wetering, M., Francies, H.E., Francis, J.M., Bounova, G., Iorio, F., Pronk, A., van Houdt, W., van Gorp, J., Taylor-Weiner, A., Kester, L., McLaren-Douglas, A., Blokker, J., Jaksani, S., Bartfeld, S., Volckman, R., van Sluis, P., Li, V.S.W., Seepo, S., Sekhar Pedamallu, C., Cibulskis, C., Carter, S.L., McKenna, A., Lawrence, M.S., Lichtenstein, L., Stewart, C., Koster, J., Versteeg, R., van Oudenaarden, A., Saez-Rodriguez, J., Vries, R.G.J., Getz, G., Wessels, L., Stratton, M.R., McDermott, U., Meyerson, M., Garnett, M.J., Clevers, H. Prospective derivation of a 'Living Organoid Biobank' of colorectal cancer patients.
Cell (in press)

Huch, M., Gehart, H., van Boxtel, R., Hamer, K., Blokzijl, F., Verstegen, M., Ellis, E., van Wenum, M., Fuchs, S., de Ligt, J., van de Wetering, M., Sasaki, N., Boers, S., Kemperman, H., de Jonge, J. IJzermans, J., Niewenhuis, E., Hoekstra, R., Strom, S., Vries, R., van der Laan, L., Cuppen, E., Clevers, H. Long-term culture of genome-stable bipotent stem cells from adult human live. Cell 160: 299-312 (2015)

Sato, T., Vries, R., Snippert, H., van de Wetering, M., Barker, N., Stange, D., van Es, J., Abo, A., Kujala, P., Peters, P., Clevers, H. Single lgr5 gut stem cells build crypt-villus structures in vitro without a stromal niche 459(7244):262-5
Nature 459 : 262-265 (2009)

Barker, N., van Es, J.H., Kuipers, J., Kujala, P., van den Born, M., Cozijnsen, M., Korving, J., Begthel, H., Peters, P.C., Clevers, H. Identification of stem cells in small intestine and colon by a marker gene LGR5. Nature 449: 1003-1007 (2007)

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