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News 2015

Recent top publications of the Hubrecht Institute

An overview of recent articles and reviews in journals with an impact factor >19 can be found here.


Interview: DNA sequencing and evolution in the virtual Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

An interview with Geert Kops on the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center


Dutch scientists develop method for identifying rare cells

Scientists of the Hubrecht Institute develop a new method for identifying rare cell types by single-cell mRNA sequencing.


Veni-grant awarded to 4 researchers of the Hubrecht Institute!

Saskia Ellenbroek, Benedetta Artegiani, Helmuth Gehart and Kai Kretzschmar receive a very prestigious Veni-grant.


McEwen Award for Innovation 2015 for Hans Clevers, MD, PhD, Hubrecht Institute and Irving Weissman, MD, Stanford School of Medicine.

23 June 2015 | Dr. Weissman and Dr. Clevers receive the award, in recognition of their long-standing contributions to the field and their identification, prospective purification and characterization of somatic tissue-associated stem cells and advancement of their research findings toward clinical applications.


Breakthrough in research on cancer metastasis

22 May 2015 | In an article published in this week’s edition of Cell magazine, scientists from the Hubrecht Institute describe a major discovery in research on cancer metastasis.


Second ERC-Advanced grant for Hans Clevers

The European Research Council (ERC) awarded prof. Hans Clevers the very prestigious ERC-Advanced grant, for the second time!


Revolutionary stem cell culturing technique enables testing of drugs on patient tissue

8 May 2015 | In an article published in Cell magazine this week, researchers from the Hubrecht Institute, in collaboration with the Sanger Institute, describe the construction of a "living biobank” for colorectal cancer.


Dutch scientists build colon cancer progression model

30 April 2015 | Scientists from the Hubrecht Institute and the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) have developed a cell culture model of human colon cancer progression.


Scientists from the Hubrecht Institute discover backdoor into the cell –
implications for the treatment of genetic disease

24 April 2015 | Scientist at the Hubrecht Institute have developed a revolutionary and effective method of introducing molecular tools into cells. According to Prof. Niels Geijsen, who headed the research team, this discovery brings us one step closer to treating genetic diseases.


Seed Money Grant for Norman Sachs

22 April 2015 | Paediatrician Louis Bont and cell biologist Norman Sachs utilize miniature lungs developed in the Hubrecht Institute to model RSV infection and develop a vaccine. They have been awarded a Seed Money Grant by the University to initiate the project.


What's that noise?! MicroRNA control of protein expression noise

3 April 2015 | In a publication in Science this week, co-authored by our director Alexander van Oudenaarden, Schmiedel et al.describe the complex role that microRNA has in regulating cellular precision in mammals.


Hubrecht Institute among the best institutes in the world!

19 March 2015 | An international evaluation committee concludes that the Hubrecht Institute is among the best institutes in the world!


ERC-Consolidator Grant for Jacco van Rheenen

17 March 2015 | With great pride we announce that the European Research Council (ERC) awarded a very prestigious ERC-Consolidator Grant to Prof. dr. Jacco van Rheenen of the Hubrecht Institute.

New revolutionary culturing technique for liver and pancreas

21 January 2015 | Hans Clevers' research group publishes two revolutionair Cell papers

Rat genome variation and complex traits

21 January 2015 | Today Roel Hermsen defended his theses at the Utrecht University.

Cdx2 is essential for embryonic axial growth and identity of adult intestinal stem cells

20 January 2015 | Today Salvatore Simmini has defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

DR-Seq: a new single-cell genomics method

19 January 2015 | The Van Oudenaarden-group publishes a study in Nature Biotechnology on a new single-cell genomics method.

Research grants for Jeroen Bakkers and Eva van Rooij

13 January 2015 | CVON announces new research projects.

F-box proteins, cell cycle and cancer

13 January 2015 | Today Jihoon Kim defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

Hubrecht Institute in JFK magazine

6 January 2015 | In the latest issue of JFK magazine we discuss diabetes. What is it and how can we cure it?