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News 2015

Recent top publications of the Hubrecht Institute

An overview of recent articles and reviews in journals with an impact factor >19 can be found here.


Hubrecht Institute among the best institutes in the world!

19-03-2015 | An international evaluation committee concludes that the Hubrecht Institute is among the best institutes in the world!


ERC-Consolidator Grant for Jacco van Rheenen

17 March 2015 | With great pride we announce that the European Research Council (ERC) awarded a very prestigious ERC-Consolidator Grant to Prof. dr. Jacco van Rheenen of the Hubrecht Institute.

New revolutionary culturing technique for liver and pancreas

21 January 2015 | Hans Clevers' research group publishes two revolutionair Cell papers

Rat genome variation and complex traits

21 January 2015 | Today Roel Hermsen defended his theses at the Utrecht University.

Cdx2 is essential for embryonic axial growth and identity of adult intestinal stem cells

20 January 2015 | Today Salvatore Simmini has defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

DR-Seq: a new single-cell genomics method

19 January 2015 | The Van Oudenaarden-group publishes a study in Nature Biotechnology on a new single-cell genomics method.

Research grants for Jeroen Bakkers and Eva van Rooij

13 January 2015 | CVON announces new research projects.

F-box proteins, cell cycle and cancer

13 January 2015 | Today Jihoon Kim defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

Hubrecht Institute in JFK magazine

6 January 2015 | In the latest issue of JFK magazine we discuss diabetes. What is it and how can we cure it?