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News 2014

Recent top publications of the Hubrecht Institute

An overview of recent articles and reviews in journals with an impact factor >19 can be found here.


Understanding the noise in single cell RNA sequencing

20 April 2014 | 20 April 2014 | In Nature Methods the van Oudenaarden lab presents a new method for quantification of gene expression variability across single cells.

Genomic resources for the flatworm model organism Macrostomum lignano

15 April 2014 | Today Daniil Simanov defended his theses at the Utrecht University.

New technique for cell sorting

30 March 2014 | In an article published in Nature Methods the Van Oudenaarden group describes a quantitative technique for sorting cells based on endogenous RNA abundance.

Identification of a new inhibitor of Wnt signaling

18 March 2014 | In a recent article in Science Signaling, that is featured as a podcast, Dr. Rik Korswagen and colleagues describe a new negative regulator of the Wnt signaling pathway.

Massachusetts General Hospital Award in Cancer Research for Hans Clevers

14 March 2014 | The faculty of MGH Cancer Center awarded their yearly prize in cancer research to Hans Clevers.

Caught on camera: stem cells in action

16 February 2014 | Dr. Jacco van Rheenen and collegues caught stem cell behavior on tape.

Vici award for Edwin Cuppen

27 January 2014 | NWO announced that Prof. Edwin Cuppen has been awarded a Vici for his project "Solving the genomic jigsaw: causes and consequences of complex genomic structural variations".

The challenge of identifying substrates of SCF ubiquitin ligases

21 January 2014 | Today Roberto Magliozzi defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

The making and breaking of cell-cell junctions

16 January 2014 | Today Floor Twiss defended her thesis at the Utrecht University.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Eva van Rooij

14 January 2014 | The European Research Council has awarded a Consolidator Grant to Dr. Eva van Rooij.

New insights into the production of Wnt, an essential communication protein

13 January 2014 | Today Reinoud de Groot defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.