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Recent top publications of the Hubrecht Institute

An overview of recent articles and reviews in journals with an impact factor >19 can be found here.


Noonan and LEOPARD syndrome in zebrafish: molecular mechanisms and cardiac development

15 October 2014 | Today Jeroen Paardekooper Overman and Monica Bonetti defended their joint thesis at Leiden University.

Discovery of a novel heart and gut disease

5 October 2014 | The genetic mutation involved would date back to 12th century Vikings as described in a Nature Genetics article.

Genetic control of left/right asymmetry in C. elegans neuroblast migration

22 September 2014 | Today Teije Middelkoop defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

Nature Biotechnology article describes new Dutch technology that improves DNA sequencing

17 August 2014 | Nature Biotechnology article describes new Dutch technology that improves DNA sequencing.

Veni awarded to two researchers of the Hubrecht Institute

29 July 2014 | Dr. Inha Heo and Dr. Norman Sachs received a Veni-grant for their research. 

Outstanding Achievement Award for Eva van Rooij

16 July 2014 | The ESC Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science has awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award to Eva van Rooij.

Exploring functional elements and genomic variation in the noncoding genome

2 July 2014 | Today Sebastiaan van Heesch defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

First pile for new laboratory building drilled

22 May 2014 | Today the first pile for the new Hubrecht laboratory building has been drilled. The building activities can be followed on the special building news page.

3 Hubrecht groups part of 2014 Leducq networks

22 May 2014 | The Fondation Leducq has announced the 2014 Transnational Network of Excellence (TNE) grants.

Alexander van Oudenaarden member of Royal Academy

21 May 2014 | The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has announced its new members.

Generating therapeutic cell types from stem cells

19 May 2014 | Vidi award for stem cell differentiation.

US National Academy of Sciences elects Hans Clevers

30 April 2014 | Hans Clevers has been elected foreign associate at the US National Academy of Sciences. He also received the Albert Struyvenberg Medal by the European Society for Clinical Investigators.

Understanding the noise in single cell RNA sequencing

20 April 2014 | 20 April 2014 | In Nature Methods the van Oudenaarden lab presents a new method for quantification of gene expression variability across single cells.

Genomic resources for the flatworm model organism Macrostomum lignano

15 April 2014 | Today Daniil Simanov defended his theses at the Utrecht University.

New technique for cell sorting

30 March 2014 | In an article published in Nature Methods the Van Oudenaarden group describes a quantitative technique for sorting cells based on endogenous RNA abundance.

Identification of a new inhibitor of Wnt signaling

18 March 2014 | In a recent article in Science Signaling, that is featured as a podcast, Dr. Rik Korswagen and colleagues describe a new negative regulator of the Wnt signaling pathway.

Massachusetts General Hospital Award in Cancer Research for Hans Clevers

14 March 2014 | The faculty of MGH Cancer Center awarded their yearly prize in cancer research to Hans Clevers.

Caught on camera: stem cells in action

16 February 2014 | Dr. Jacco van Rheenen and collegues caught stem cell behavior on tape.

Vici award for Edwin Cuppen

27 January 2014 | NWO announced that Prof. Edwin Cuppen has been awarded a Vici for his project "Solving the genomic jigsaw: causes and consequences of complex genomic structural variations".

The challenge of identifying substrates of SCF ubiquitin ligases

21 January 2014 | Today Roberto Magliozzi defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.

The making and breaking of cell-cell junctions

16 January 2014 | Today Floor Twiss defended her thesis at the Utrecht University.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Eva van Rooij

14 January 2014 | The European Research Council has awarded a Consolidator Grant to Dr. Eva van Rooij.

New insights into the production of Wnt, an essential communication protein

13 January 2014 | Today Reinoud de Groot defended his thesis at the Utrecht University.